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Safari Schedule

Academy Safaris:
If you would like to schedule a company/class mini-reunion, family safari, or safari with friends please contact us. J
ust send an email to 

The upcoming scheduled safaris are: 

October 28th - November 8th, 2018
Four couples from the class of 1978 filled this safari.

May 30 - June 10th, 2019
This safari was filled by members of the classes of '72 and '73.

June, 2019
We are trying to arrange another safari in June 2019. Precise dates at this time are TBD. Pricing is the same, $4,995 per person sharing. Contact us via email if you are interested.

September 13th - September 24th, 2019
Four couples from the class of 1969 filled this safari.

September 30th - October 11th, 2019
This safari was filled by members of the class of '71.

October 30th - November 10th, 2019
This safari was filled by four company-class couples from of the class of '76.

2020 Safaris
Pricing and specific dates for 2020 safaris are not yet determined. For your planning purposes, we will schedule 4 safaris in 2020, two in the April-May time frame and two in September - October. One of the four is already spoken for by returning safari goers. If you have a group or want to go as a couple please contact us at to announce your intentions and/or be put on the list of parties who will receive notification of dates first.

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  1. Any chance to see Rorkes Drift and Islandwana...On the buffalo river..