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Here are some kind words from some of the participants of Academy Safaris:

 “Both Di and I consider it to have been our best trip ever -- and we have been blessed with many absolutely wonderful trips!!! Of course, "the wild card  part" of what made this trip so special was the wonderful group that you put together -- we miss everyone and have not completely gotten over feeling as though we are still going through withdrawal! What a great group of folks! “
Ted and Di Poucher

“You both created an experience that was one of our most special and memorable…. Pam and I certainly hanker for more of same but how do you top what we experienced? …Well done madam and sir! We want to do it again.”
Bruce and Pam Wheeler

“Pat and I wanted to let the dust settle and return to our now woefully prosaic lives after the "Great Adventure."   We wanted to thank you both for an absolutely fantastic experience (literally once in a lifetime!)”
John and Pat Labelle

“Joan and I took advantage of the 2015 opportunity and had the adventure of a lifetime.   If you ever thought about  experiencing the absolute highlights this fascinating land has to offer in the safest, most luxurious and informative manner among and organized by close friends, then by all means seize this occasion should circumstances permit.”
KC and Joan Brown

“We had such an unbelievable two weeks in South Africa!  You two really outdid yourselves, with all the planning, down to the last detail (How DID you get that lion pride to parade by at just the right time???)  Every part was wonderful - from the fantastic accommodations - the meals- I really don't know where to begin!  Except to say, that particular (funicular) group… was just a great mix - and you guys didn't even control that! But a million times thank you!”
Kathie and Mike Munson

“Sally and I have so many great memories of the First BOTL Safari; great sights, excellent meals, even better camaraderie !”
Karl and Sally Ivey

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing trip of a lifetime!!!! Still can't quite wrap my brain around the fact that EVERYTHING turned out SO PERFECTLY--so unbelievable!!  And it's ALL due to your hard work and planning. Who takes a 2 week trip and everything's perfect?!?!!  I think because this was a trip to South Africa had a lot to do with it--u are so right--Africa is a pretty powerful glue!  Love that place so much! Thank you again so very much for all of your HARD WORK and PLANNING--this trip was PERFECT!!”
Susan and Mick Zais

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